Tessa Gonzalez

I started Evenstar Paperie in August of 2007.

Before starting this company, I spent over 10 years in the field of education as a teacher, curriculum specialist, assessment specialist, and registrar. Graphic layout and design had been interests of mine since high school and I developed these skills throughout all of my professional ventures, but the creation of this company has allowed me to truly come into my own and be completely creative.

In the Spring of 2008, a lovely bride-to-be posted a photo of her invitation proof in a wedding chat room and, all of a sudden, my side-job became much, much bigger than I ever thought it would be. I then made the huge decision to quit my day job and commit to Evenstar Paperie full time.

Six years and over 900 clients later, I am so glad I did! I would not be so successful in this venture if it were not for the other people on this page. Their talents, skills, enthusiasm and friendship help keep this business going strong and I don’t know where I’d be without them!



Elanor is our Production Manager. When your invites are ready to be made, Elanor assigns the assembler, gathers the materials and makes sure they get done right! She’s also the go-to person should you need to add anything to your order.

Elanor lives in Gig Harbor, Washington, with her husband of 42 years (!), Tom and their two cats, Pippin and Sam.

Annie & Michael

Annie has been an artist since the age of 3 when she picked up a marker and drew a striped whale that our mother made sure to have framed because it was so good! Annie is an invitation assembler and our party invitation guru. She designs most all bridal shower, baby shower and party invitations.

Michael joined the Evenstar Paperie assembly line last year. He has taken to cutting paper like a madman! He’s so fast! Annie and Mike can get a relatively large project done in less than 48 hours, which is quite an astounding feat considering they’ve got a 5-year-old to follow around!

Annie and Mike are wonderful parents to their son, Fletcher, who happens to be the most adorable child in the whole world (and I’m not biased as an auntie…it’s just true). They live in Fife, Washington with Fletcher, Bianca (their cat), Maggie (their dog) and Milo (their very adorable puppy).



Jennette has been working with Evenstar Paperie since the spring of 2009. She is our ribbon queen! She can do things with ribbon that boggle the mind. Jennette loves anything with bling…glitter and crystals make her a happy girl! Jennette has a background in graphic design and art and a great enthusiasm for her work. She is also our resident Card Box Fairy as she designs and creates all of our fabulous card boxes through her company, Luxe Fancy.

Jennette currently lives in Puyallup, Washington, with her husband, Justin, and her adorable baby girl, Finley Grace, who was born in June of 2012.



Angie is our newest staff member who joined the ranks in January 2012. She is an invitation assembler who also ends up doing various odds and ends for “the boss” because she lives right next door! We are so, so pleased that Angie is an awesome neighbor and a great friend and we’re even happier that she seems to like assembling wedding invitations!
Angie lives in Port Orchard, Washington with her husband, Marty, and their pets, Tipper and Chok (cat and African Gray parrot, respectively).



Chris has been working with Evenstar Paperie since October of 2008. Not only was she our first official staff member, but she is also our finest assembler. Chris is incredibly detail-oriented and consistently does exquisite work. Whenever I’ve got a tough project (or one that has to be practically perfect in every way), Chris gets it!

Chris lives in Puyallup, Washington, with her husband, Sean, and her two beautiful young daughters, Brianna and Jaidynn.


About Evenstar Paperie

Evenstar Paperie is a custom stationery studio that specializes in creating unique, affordable stationery designs that are perfectly tailored to reflect our clients’ individual styles and visions.

All preliminary designs, proofs and mailings are done free of charge. Clients receive a full, physical proof of their invitation in the mail, so that they know what they’re getting before they place an order or make a deposit.

Because everything we do is customized, we work hard to adapt our designs and formats to fit client budgets by working with the client from Day One to provide them with as much as they can get for the amount they want to spend.

We offer wedding invitation suites and all our services are a la carte,to keep us flexible to all budgets. Additional services include addressed envelopes, save the dates, thank you cards, programs, menus, place cards, table numbers, matching card boxes and more!